iDomino 18

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iDomino 18 (aka Rubik's Domino) is a 2x3x3 cuboid puzzle. The 3x3 faces can be turned 90 degrees as normal, but the 2x3 faces can only be turn 180 degrees. The 3x3 faces are white, respectively black, and their pieces are numbered from 1 to 9 using dots.

The aim of the game is to solve the domino by the rotation of the different faces. In the solved position the white face is numbered 1 to 9, left to right, top to bottom, while the black face is numbered 1 to 9, right to left, top to botton. In this way for each piece on the white face the corresponding piece on the black face should have the same number.

The entire domino or the different faces can be controlled using different touch gestures. The entire domino can also be controlled using 6 header buttons, one for each face of the domino: top, bottom, left, right, front and back. Tapping a button makes the domino rotate to the corresponding faces.