iGlobe 38

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iGlobe 38 (aka Hungarian Globe) is a spherical puzzle with the map of earth on its surface. It is composed of 8 fixed elements serving for guidance and 30 moving elements placed along 3 sliding rings. The rings intersect each other allowing different elements to be taken from one ring to another. There is no free space so the elements do not move singly. Instead, all 12 elements of a ring are shifted as one.

The elements come in inseparable antipodal pairs; elements on opposite sides of the puzzle will always stay that way. Solving an element on one side will automatically solve the element on the other.

The aim of the game is that the original picture of the earth is to be restored by the rotation of the sliding elements.

The entire globe or the different rings can be controlled using different touch gestures. The entire globe can also be controlled using 6 header buttons, one for each view of the globe: top, bottom, left, right, front and back. Tapping a button makes the globe rotate to the corresponding view.